Enrico Gatti, Baroque violin 27 – 29 September 2024 SPOLETO MUSIC ACADEMY Apply Now Aniello Desiderio, classical guitar 29 May - 1 Jun 2024 International Music Masterclasses


29 May – 1 June 2024

SPOLETO MUSIC ACADEMY, in collaboration with the ‘Visioni d’autore’ association, is organising a masterclass with the
world-renowned guitarist Aniello Desiderio.

The Masterclass is aimed at students of all levels who wish to perfect and deepen their repertoire in preparation for exams, competitions, concerts or simply to refine their style.

27 – 29 September 2024


SPOLETO MUSIC ACADEMY is proud to announce a master class for baroque violin with the world famous violinist Enrico Gatti.

The course is open both to master students on period instruments and to modern violinists who wish to undertake a serious course of study on the historical violin.

Exclusive location
Sala d’onore palazzo Leti Sansi



Italy is a true open-air museum, permeated by thousands of small cities, towns and villages, which represent a unique historical, artistic, cultural and landscape heritage.
Right in the center of Italy, in Umbria, “the green heart of Italy”, lies SPOLETO, the beautiful city that gave me birth.
Spoleto is quite small, has about 37,000 inhabitants, but its history, art, characters and landscapes are such as to astound every visitor. Moreover, if the visitor is not only a tourist, but also a music lover or professional musician, Spoleto has a lot to offer: you can attend opera performances and concerts in magnificent locations. A great fascination is guaranteed!
The Visioni d’Autore cultural association, whose members are all from Spoleto, aim to promote this beautiful and historical town organizing various cultural initiatives, which can give to the participants a really unique space-time experience.
The Visioni d’Autore is proud to organize the “Spoleto Music Academy”, international masterclasses for singing and french horn. The masterclasses will take place in the prestigious Rocca Albornoziana, an imposing 14th century fortress overlooking the city, which hosted papal governors and numerous popes, and is currently home to an important museum as well as cultural institutions.
We have succeeded to invite very renowned international teachers. Furthermore, each student will enjoy a full immersion in our historical heritage: every stone and brick of this city will tell you about the prestigious Italian history, culture and music tradition.
I would like to conclude my short thought by paying tribute to our teachers: Luciana D’Intino, Lorenzo Coladonato, Edward Deskur and Enrico Cacciari. To them my deep gratitude for having accepted my invitation and for giving the cultural association “Visioni D’Autore” the opportunity to create such a high artistic profile event.
I would also like to thank the Cultural Heritage with the Museum Center, the Municipality of the city of Spoleto, the Diagnostic Laboratory of Cultural Heritage and the Museum system for the concrete and precious collaboration, without which we could never have aspired to such an exclusive place as the Rocca of Albornoz as the seat of our masterclasses.
Francesco Liberati, President of the “Visioni D’Autore” Cultural Association.



The Cultural Association Visioni d’Autore, firmly believes in the importance of music and pursues the diffusion and growth of this art among the new generations.

The Spoleto Music Academy project is particularly committed to enhancing the operatic repertoire, especially that in Italian, a priceless and unique heritage of our culture. Our internationally renowned teachers, driven by the desire to share their passion for classical music, choose to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with new generations of students and young professionals. “Giving to others what we first received” is our motto. Thanks to the presence in our staff of professionals of Spoleto origin, the Association is committed to maintaining a close link with the territory, enhancing the unique peculiarities and excellences present on site.


Francesco Liberati

Organizing Director

Lorenzo Coladonato

Artistic Director

Elisabetta Severini

Art Director

Leonardo Perini

Marketing e Communication 

Francesco Latini

Chief Financial Officer 


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